The Equalilzer

I popped along to this amazing movie. I was slightly hesitant at first, after all, I had heard quite disheartening things. At the end of the day, you have to experience it for yourself. YOU are the reviewer. The plot was quite interesting but at the same time understanding. McCall(Washington), is a lonely man, sitting in a flat in what I thought was San Fran BUT as it happens its actually in Boston, MA. During one of his frequent visits to a local diner, he encounters Alien/Teri(Moretz). They become friends. He gives her plenny of words of advice. One of being “You can be anything you want to be”. She’s working as a Pip. She unfortunately gets beaten up and lands in a hospital. He witnesses all this from the diner window. When he’s not alone, he works in a building suppliers company. One of the days he’s working, Jenny(Mousis) is mugged of her Mother’s ring and the company cash. So as they did wrong to Jenny, McCall beats the robber up etc., It was a pity thou, that they kept that scene out of the film. You were promised plenny of action, and action is what you got. hahaah. So to continue, Raphie(Skourtis) who is a colleague to McCall. Raphie’s house is burnt down. So McCall is told when he show’s up for work, that Raphie quit. McCall finds out eventually that corrupt cops have been doing the rounds for Mexicans. So he blackmails them and beats them up. This continues throughout the film. There is a pattern you know. Someone does wrong to a person. He mightened know that person, but he goes out of his way to CORRECT the wrong. The crowd who beat up Teri, McCall runs after Slavi(Meunier) and his crew. Pushikin(Kulich) sends another guy Teddy(Csokas) and his crew. With McCall around he makes sure he dimensehses the lot. “Body by body” he eradicates em all. After a fantastic finished and eradication, I was saying to myself, perhaps McCall will run after Pushkin in the next Sequel, be another Taken series. Except with Taken it was dealing with kidnapping. However it wasn’t to be. They finished the film by McCall getting an email requesting help from him. So that’s prob the sequel alrite. One thing I have to mention thou, was the MUSIC score. It was fantastic. I have mentioned in the past, that my love of Music is a must. This film, lived to its MUSICAL expectations. Everytime, there was action accoming, we were accompanied with Music. It was unreal. Or as I said AMAZEBALLS.



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