Diary 4th October 2014

Well after last nights events which turned out to be in the morning, I got a few hours rest. As some of you may know, I started going out with NEW friends, as I was getting fed up with lies and deceptions etc., oh and the money, oh lord the money etc., So with this in mind, I met my friend Emil. I hadn’t seen him in ages. The last time, I saw was for the film The Way Way Back(Review here). We were seeing Dracula Untold(Review here). It was an absolute pleasure. I totally enjoyed myself, for once. hahaha. So after the film, we chatted for a bit. I last saw him at Nicos Takeaway(Review here) when my sis was getting a takeout in Nicos. So after the film, Emil and I chatted for a bit. He noted duly, that I don’t have my bike. I use my legs as public transport. He was surprised to hear that I was knocked down, off the bike last January hence why I don’t cycle anymore. However music was given my ears, you ever hear the phrase “music to my ears”. Well that is so certainly true. In that , Emil was telling me that he’s in debt with a company, and he pays them back whenever he can, YET he can still pay his own way. He paid about 17 + 7 = €24 for both Food and Ticket. Now my mate who has the exact same position, he owes companies money, YET he still sponges off me. Now who should I run after….hahahaah. Its most obvious.


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