Diary 6th October 2014

I was due to get up for the weekly PDC Course, I have been attending since the beginning of September. However, I just didn’t feel like it. So I stayed on in bed. There are 6 classes in total. I am fascinated by the number 5.  I haven’t been the same for the last two or three classes since the American Cousins.

Yesterday, I learned from Two and A Half Men that Sacramento, California, USA is the State Capital of California. So that got me thinking, how is a state capital city indicated. A capital city of a country is dictated by the  location of the Government Buildings of that country. eg., Bundestag, Berlin Germany; Assemblée Nationale(French Assembly)/Élysée Palace, Paris, France; House of Commons/Westminster, London, UK; Dáil Eireann, Dublin, Republic of Ireland; Stormount, Northern Ireland; Capitol Hill, Washington DC, USA etc., etc.,

So after interesting much thinking, I got up for during the night and my LONG hibernation – haahha for a piddle. I also freed up space on my Sky Box for Morning Edition.


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