Diary 7th October 2014

So I continued sleeping. Had somequite but scary dreams.

I’m going to the Outhouse, as I near it, I realise I forgot something. So I had to go back to my gaf. When I come back, I see Maureen my Aunt(Nun). She let herself, haahah. Then I told her of my self harm and also NOT to mention Relatives ie Mulligans, Dots etc., The tears that came out of her eyes. I mean like the thickest tears I’ve ever seen. By thick, they were cylindrical in shape as they fell. You’d swear a pipe was coming out. Thats the shape I saw. Quite freaky alrite.

Another: I’m with my sis up in our house where we were raised. I look out the window and see Mary Doherty(Eileen’s(My mom’s sis) daughter), pull up in the Kelly’s drive way(Kelly’s being the CURRENT neighbors of my folks). Likewise on the other side, I see some activity. I’m looking out the window in my old bedroom. As I’ve still relationship problems, with the relatives, I go in next door with my sis, BUT I get the nervs. So in a last ditch effort, I hop out the window like a kangaroo and escape. I had seen someone moving behind the curtains and movement, made me uneasi. So I just had to get out. So then I realsie, when I went back up to my room and look out the window, I see it was someone else they were welcoming or giving a surprise.

Then shortly afterwards, I repost a phrase I saw on my FB recently, that UNIVERSAL Facts: That if someone appears in your dreams, that means that person MISSES you. I put this to my sis later on, and she says it means that I’ve to patch things up with that person.

I’m in a flood that has taken the whole apt. I try and poor Sammy ontop Fridge, likewise Patch ontop wardrobe. The flood gets high. In that I’m smothering ie drowning like that poor Filipino, who drowned in her Basement apt last year in Donnybrook. Am naked at my bay window and I loose consciousness. My mother looks frighteningly as she sees her son drowning. The Fire Brigade breaks me out. I regain consciousness. I grab my puppies who are soaking wet. The Fire Brigade team, tell me that I must let go of one. SO I let go of both. My heart is broken. I then relaise, I that I should have joined them, my puppies.

My Da is in bed NOT sleeping. I’m showering. The shower is beside him, literally. He times me cause of the water charge. He then stops the shower and pulls back the curtain. I of course pull it forward. I says “Hey, “I’ve yet to do me hair”

I’m in Kennedy’s Pub where I used to work in Drumcondra. I haven’t seen Gerry for awhile. To find out when roughly, I search for him in my Blog and to find out he ain’t t here. As I started my blog in just under a year ago(Jan ’14), I possibly haven’t seen him since then. heheeh. He then invites me as always to say hello to George, n Eddie(Regular customers, I used to serve while working there). I says that I only hangout and go to Gay bars. He replies “Fucking faggot”. I scream out balling crying. The boss Michael(who owns Kennedys of Drumcondra), is out side and notices somethings up. When he realsies why, he beats me up.

To prevent what happened on Sunday night, my folks come to pick me up. I don’t wanna, due to Dad’s attitude, from the American Cousinsย However, they have a spiral leg thing, that gets caught in my leg. They drag me back into the car. I yelp out for help. Someone takes pics. Me undergoing hardship, I misinterpret the person. And I yell to the person, “if anything happens to me”, it’ll be on your conscious. However I later learn, that the folks have been called in for questioning. They say “He’s our son, we just wanted to give him a lift”. The cops say, he maintains that he was “forced”. Here’s pics to proof. The cops says, “I don’t see a person who has a spiral yolk as WANTING to be offered a lift”. The cop continues, “Your both looking at life for this behavior”.

Then I realsie after all this dreaming, that I was too late for my dole. So I just stayed on and slept. While sleeping thou, I was having terrible cramps in my legs.

On my way to my sis, I encountered Frank my landlord. He was most respectable to me. hehehe. He even asked how my sis was after her epileptic fit. As my sis said, he prob was having a bad day or something when I last saw him. heheh. I ain’t sure. So then I headed on off to my sis for my weekly visit. As per usual had a great time. We watched Two and A Half Men and Golden Girls. Great. ehehehe.


Former Minister of State at the Department of the Environment, Fergus O’ Dowd TD, has hit back at Irish Water, with the way its being operated. He’s questioned the need for PPS Numbers and their sheer ignorance. He says it “comes across as arrogant and uncaring” without properly explaining why they need PPS Numbers.

Dublin Airport Authority along with Irish Aviation Authority have BOTH been alerted by Ryanair, after BOTH aircraft came into contact with each other ย “slightly” scraped amongst each other. Both aircrafts, were being taxied to runway to headed to Brussells and Edinburgh Chareloi respectively. The winglet of one plane scraped the tale of the other aircraft.


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