Diary 8th October 2014

I was supposed to go to a Meetup to Umi Falafel ie Vegetarian Meetup. I cancelled a few hours in advanced for administrative reasons aka the restaurant would have to be told in advanced that a cancellation has occurred. The Meetup Group would have to be told this.

Shortly before I cancelled, I got a call from my Mom. I wanted to thank Dad for the jacket of which I gave to my sis. Didn’t like it. Any food or whatever I don’t like including money ie cash, I give to my sis. etc., etc., She wants me to start riding my bike. I’ve NEVER in me life ever tried a if you do this Ill do this under hand tactic. Yet I did so with my Mom today. As I said she wants me to ride my bike for safety reasons. So I said well why don’t you take me off your insurance. She said no. Now why did I use tactics of such. Have I fallen in S***n’s ways. I’ve never grovelled, yet I did so.

So instead of going out, I took to the bed. heheeh

One of my dreams, is as follows. Mom reading a letter, a very heartwarming one. There’s a scene whereby Mrs. Brown is at home. A Visitor comes by. The light is too bright for him. He sits in a chair and she asks him is that alrite for you. He first says No and then after a few attempts finally says yes.

Martin(Mrs. Wegmonts (My Mom n Dad’s neighbor after the Dots) NEW gardener. I retired cause of my back. my dad quite cause of his age. )comes to Mrs. Wegmont to pull something out of the ground.


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