Diary 9th October 2014

Today I was suppose to meetup with Ronan, I sent him a text, NO reply. And a message on FB. Although he did say he was getting off FB for awhile.

Following are the dreams as I stayed on in bed.

As I lay in bed, I’m naked going to the post office to collect my dole. I don’t give a rats ass of why ppl are looking. I then am asked for my card and realsied I don’t have my card cause I don’t have any clothes on. So I get up in a foetal position and attempt to hide under their post box they have in store. It’s raining heavy. So I run out in the rain. I hide again, in a nearby house which is just after the Sales agent. When the cops catch me, I yell “He raped me”: while at the same time crying my heart out. So in a last ditch attempt I escape BUT this time sadly I get knocked down and I get thrown into the sky. I wake up in St. Vincent’s Fairview(Funnily beside where I live). I tell the staff, that am a Veggie turning Vegan therefore I want no animal in me in any form. Be it tablets, food, drink etc., They say they  have nothing of the sort. I refuse to let Mom and Dad and Maureen in, the Nun in. As they are too old for this. Although this time they ain’t the cause of the depression, I don’t think its suitable.

I’m in a march whereby we are celebrating something. We are told to turn right onto a street from Dorset St., possibly onto North Circular Road Rd., or something. We then go through a pub. Apparently causing annoyance. As later Mom myself, and someone else are called in by the VP(Vice President) of the pub. The VP invites a customer could be a regular one to tell his version of events. He maintains there was a lot of racket. I dispute this as there was hardly anything. So the VP takes off tot he lavatories. The guy hugging person beside me. I’ve seen the him somewhere before or at least I regoncise him. So Mom and I have a huge argument. I see a familiar pic. A Pic of Two Scotsman who described as starting up something. Like a comic, a drink, or perhaps a TV program etc., etc., I had seen these two recently.

Then a more recent thought came to mind. In that I’m told by my friend(who has been described in my posts as the liar), has told moneygrabber that the posts that George has on his Facebook, relating to “a moneygrabber” is him. I somehow find out. When I can’t find him on FB. So I use underhand tactics to find out why. By that I mean, I search for him on my Sex FB. And contact him there. I then ring him etc., etc., Get hung up on. So I immediately get back to my friend who spilled the guts in the Outhouse, and ask him why would he do such a thing. I tell him, that the reason, I can’t tell him, its him from MY mouth or as they say the horses mouth, is because I am possibly in love with him. I then get a sixth sense that he’s down at the bottom of the stairs, and that he’s listening. And most recently, that my friend gets wind of this and comes to the Outhouse, and beats him up. Both Todd and the “moneygrabber” are barred from the Outhouse oh and obviously myself.


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