Diary 10th October 2014

Well as I had yet to get my dole AND to get to sleep for a few hrs, I had a hella to do today. I first finished up my Social Networking skills – hahaha. I got my dole. Then headed to AIB to lodge the dosh into the bank. I then headed onto Tesco to get my milk, of which they didn’t have Almond Milk from Alpro. So I got Almond TESCO Brand. I then headed onto Ryan’s hardware, as I wanted to get a weighing scales. They did have em, but I would have preferred if they could connect to my device. So I didn’t get any. Shortly before I went out, I got a call from my credit union, saying that my loan has been finished and to what to do. So I just for the time being, reverted back to the 10 a week to my Savings account.

So I then headed off to sleep for a few hours. I had initially setup a meetup with my mate Todd. I hadn’t seen him since the August Bank Holiday Weekend. So it was my intention to see Maze Runner, then the Outhouse and then to meet my mate. However it wasn’t to be. So I got up slightly later than schedule BUT I eventually got up. So I set about heading off to meet my mate Todd. I first told him, that I was wanting to head to the Outhouse to find out what up with what Ronan said on my FB. I was deeply upset about that people had been talking about me behind my back and not in the good way. So poor aould Ronan is another My sis. With this I mean, if anything happens to me, my folks would be asking my sis questions etc., So I apolises in advanced to Ronan. I asked him who it had been. In the interest of privacy, which by right these bitches n bastards don’t deserve, but I’m a nice guy. But buy golly, they will both get a very nice message on FB in the morning. Something to wake up to in the morning. So afterwards, Todd met me in the Outhouse instead of the Gresham Hotel where we were suppose to meet. We both then headed on off to Cuicneas(Review here), WE wined and dined as one would say. eheheh. Then we headed on off to Cineworld to see Dracula Untold(Review here). After we got the tickets, we eyed a few hotties. mmm. We WE were chatting while at the same time eyeing the hotties. I had said to him about a fact. He said that he learned something knew. I said, “You learn something new everyday”. His response, if you don’t, then you will have wasted your day. Then onto the actual film. After the film, we both headed onto his new place. I must say its a lovely little place. While there, I noted a cross on the wall. He then told me that Jesus original language was Aromathea. I had heard of Joseph of Aromathea. Bottomline, I learned something new today, ie Didn’t waste my day.  hehehe. On the way to his gaf, We encountered the Gresham Hotel. Whereby I shared a story that I was meeting a guy during my homophobia days for a cuppa tea. So I headed on home.


Malala Yousafzai, has won the Nobel Peace Prize of 2014. She’s the youngest ever winner to win the Laureate Prize. Kailash Satyarthi is the other winner who jointly won along with Malala, the Nobel Peace Prize 2014. She was shot in the head 2 years ago by the Taliban for speaking out FOR children’s rights and education. She became a campaigner for ALL the children to have a right to Education. She was shot also for speaking out AGAINST the Taliban. She fended off competition from the Pope, the US Whistleblowers: Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning(Transgender person). Malala now joins Nelson Mandela(RIP) and Aung Sang Suchi(Burma activist)

Gerard Craughwell has won the controversial Seanad By-Election. Fine Gael’s John McNulty, had been asked NOT to vote for him. His name was too late in being struck off the register. As I understand from a friend, someone within the Fine Gael Parliamentary Party went the WRONG way in nomenating the controversial TD. My heart goes out to him personally. Questions rose throughout the few weeks, from WHOM did Minster Humphires get the name from etc., etc., Fine Gael has been accused of “Jobs for the boys” et.c, and “Cronyism”. Catherine Seely(SF), John McNulty(FG) were amongst  the other candidates in the election.

Following are the results of the By-Election.

Gerard Craughwell(IND) – 87,

John McNulty(FG) – 84,

Catherine Seely(SF) – 22

The By-Election was called in the first place was because of Deirdre Clune(FG) election to Europe

Voting is underway in the Roscommon South-Leitrim BY Election and the Dublin South West By Election. Luke Ming Flanagan and Brian Hayes who departed for Europe who won Seats in the European Elections

North Korea’s Leader King Jun Yun has been missing for over month. His health has been of close attention. He’s missed yet another key public event.


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