Diary 11th October 2014

Shortly before I went to bed; my doorbell rang. It was Maureen my Aunt(Nun). I DON’T talk to family members cept my sis of course, as they don’t understand depression. That’s my view. Like my Mom backing up the LGBT ppl ie CONSERVATIVE gays. This horridly bothers me. She agrees with them in that I shouldn’t have worn that regout on Pride. Maureen was dropping pasta for my sis. As per always, Ill be giving her the pasta(Ahem, my sis).

I headed to sleep for a few winks. Then got up struggley after a few hrs sleep. I was to cancel. BUT I really wanted to see The Maze Runner(Review here). WE then went to the cafe bar to get a pint and a vodka, coke each. heehehe. We chatted for a bit. Then we headed onto our next film, The Equalizer(Review here).


Paul Murphy(AAA(Anti Austerity Alliance)), has just taken the Dublin South West By-Election as vacated by Brian Hayes who was elected to Europe. He won on the 8th count.

Michael Fitzmauraice(Ind) has won the Roscommon/South – Leitrim By-Election which was vacated by Luke Ming Flanagan as he was elected to Europe. He won on the 7th count.

1000s turned out for the Water Protest held in Dublin this afternoon. They came in their drones from all over the country. They came in all forms of transport. Bus loads. etc., etc.,


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