Diary 14th October 2014

PS This post contains NSFW of Self Harm content.

Again, as I had horrible dreams of my Mom finding me with my head cracked open while trying to AVOID her. I fall and crack me head over. She tries to get help but screaming. And of course the issue of guys bitching about me, etc., etc., I even removed 25 bitchers within a space of 5mins on Facebook, I had the need to self harm. So while Showering, I did my normal bits and bobs. Then I attempted to scrape my sis name. ie CC, my mates initials BS and BOF.

Well after quite an interesting night, from thoughts mainly and slightly nonsensical dreams, I got up slightly earlier, mainly cause I wanted room on my Sky Box for the Budget 2015 coverage on RTE. I unfortunately had to deleted ALL episodes of Touched By An Angel and new TV Series(well an old series, but just new to TV Network), I felt sorry about that, but what could I do. hahaah. I needed BOTH the speeches AND the Opposition reaction to the speeches. So after my butchering or slicing n Dicing as one would say, I got myself ready. I looked at yesterday’s news and Current Affairs as I would put it.

Then Mom and My sis appeared. Mom wanted to bring my laundry, of which I refused. She also wanted me to go with Dad for the Lidl’s shopping I told her last week about. BUT I intend completely my food in my apt FULLY. What I mean, is that I intend clearing the food in my apt. I said that I’m going to Parnell St branch of Lidls for my clothes shopping.

So then after the quick visit, I headed off to get my Dole. I put the dosh into my bank account. Then headed on back home. There was this cute adorable lad in front of me, while crossing the road. He had a gray top(zippable), and a navish trackie shorts with a green line decoration on the side. And a ginger hairy legs. Oh he is so scrumptiouslious. heeheh

So then I headed onto see my sis. WE watched Two and A Half Men. Great laughs was had by all. hehehe.


Budget 2014

  • First time in 7 years an austerity budget is NO more.
  • Child Benefit INCREASES by €5 per child per month(as I understand)
  • 25% of Social Welfare of the Christmas Bonus will be paid, has been restored.
  • The €100 charge that goes towards the Water Charge, currently available to Household Benefit Package to Disability Allowance recipients, will NOW be extended to ALL Social Welfare Recipients who is on Fuel Allowance.

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