Diary 17th October 2014

I was due to travel along and pop to see Maze Runner(Review here), however considering I went to bed EARLIER than recently ie 10am this morning, I still couldn’t get outta bed. Perhaps its my new throws, that’s my paps got me yesterday, awwwww. Or it could be the food. Then again I did get a bit of grub from the folks, so perhaps it prob was the throws that wanted me to stay in bed. OR how about this guys, could it actually be perhaps that my Patch puppy was covering the sunlight. mmmmmm That STOPPED any sunlight coming in. I have him in the window. heheeheh.

So I got up eventually for 8ish. So I set in motion and got ready and headed off to the Outhouse. It was my intention to see The Equiliser(Review here). I encountered Gerry((The Teacher), David(The guy who works behind the door). Great to see it alive. Oh and of course Ronan. Then when I went up to get my Green Tea(Reaspereabrry), Joby who works as a volunteer, gave me quite an interesting advice. He was referring to my recent happenings at the Outhouse and my outbursts on FB relating to bullying. Joby was saying that there is a policy whereby NO patron shall be bullied. The Outhouse is a safe environment for LGBT. I had made the point that there ain’t any other LGBT center like the Outhouse, its the only place my sanity lives. So Joby offered me a chance to send a Letter of Complaint to management. So then I popped upstairs to see Men’s Night, I saw a handful of people. heeheh. Scott, Bernard, Cathal(Only recently met him), Ollie, Patrick too. While he was downstairs, in the cafe, I had asked Patrick that I’d like to ask Bernard a question. So I went outside on the steps to meet him. His point is why am I worried of what people think. I said its normal that I don’t care what a person thinks. I just wanted his view on my puppies etc., So it was time for me to head onto Cineworld. To collect my tickets.



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