The Maze Runner

Well I quite frankly find hard to what genre put it as. It was quite entertaining actually. Quite alotta cuties too. eheheh. Thomas(O’ Brien -mmm), has shown up literally in a box. He is sent to a weird place of which is unbeknownst to anyone. He befreinds a group of lads: Alby(Ameen), Newt(Brodie-Sangster), Minho(Lee) who is an elite group of Runners. Bottomline of the plot, the boys of which Alby was the first, must live by Primitive surroundings such as building a house to live etc., etc., all live in this surrounding. The Runners are a group Β of elite boys. They go into the maze to find a way to escape. It is then found in the end that Thomas actually was one of many people that sent them all down, hence why Gally(Poulter) Never trusted him from day one. When Alby and Ben(Sheffield) both say “It’s all your fault”, Thomas begins and continues to rethink. During ONE courageous move by Thomas, he and the Runners encounter a Greever kill it. Then they see a device that leads the lads to a possible escape. During the film, a “girl” by the name of Terasa(Scodelario) arrives. They find it so strange. 1 girl and several lads. So overall wonderful film, very difficult to place a genre on it. heehehe


3 thoughts on “The Maze Runner

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