Diary 18th October 2014

As I’m watching TV, I hear a doorbell. So I immediately mute the TV to make the person think I’m asleep or not in. As it happens, It’s my Aunty(Nun). So I got her grub. I ate it. Her pasta was slightly different than normal. The Wedges were a bit more wettish than normal. So after I finish the meal/grub, I immediately run to the toilet. And sadly get rid of it via diarrhea. Its a possibility that there could have been cheese or something etc., etc., MY sis rang me via Facebook, it was so cool. As I was gonna give my Aunt a ring etc., I then spoke to my aunty, she’s under the illusion that I’m making it up. So from now on, I shall be giving the pasta and wedges to my sis. I just can’t risk ANOTHER diarrhea.

As I was about to close up, I get a call from my sis saying she needs my support. So she called round to me. Just as she was heading off she gets a call from Mom saying she’s outside. So Mom and my sis head on off.

Then I get to sleep. ehehhe FINALLY. Throughout the night, I get up for a few secs, to clear up a bit for the box so I can get Dallas. heheeh.

One recurrent dream, I get is as follows:

Am on the way home from Church practise. I stumble upon a port where I’m explained told about a ferry disaster that took place 50 years ago and today is the 50th anniversary of it. I then  get emotional for the ppl and escape via Cheryl Cole the judge and singer from the X Factor tries to comfort me. But I realsie and get comforting arms. I am going down my steps to open my door on a beautiful hot summers day when I get a fright from my sis. My Mom, follows then my Aunt(Nun) and Dad in the car. Clearly they have had a disagreement. Saying to myself, had a great day(minus teh fery disaster) then I have to come home to this. hehehe. This used to happen in the past, whereby I come home from a conference or college or whatever, then I come home to bitching or even something negative. Bottomline, there was ALWAYS something negative in my family TREE. Like an eg, I was coming  home from a Fine Gael Conference. At the time, it was in the middle of an Election Campaign for 2007. Former Minister for Health James Reilly TD. He was delivering a wonderful Universal Health Care package as part of Fine Gael’s manifesto. However when I got home, I was extactic even on the way home, and the second I told my folks of the manifesto the Universal Health Care, I was received with NEGATIVE comments. “It ain’t gonna work” etc., etc., Ever since then, I have been in ANTI-Government camps etc., etc., hence my negative thoughts. It seams, I don’t have any postivity in my life anymore.


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