Diary 21st October 2014

Well what a day I woke up to and a busy of a hella one. eheheh.

I had an early start, considering I had slept according to App: Sleeping as Android 18 and a half hours.

So I first off started with getting my dole or dosh as I would sometimes call it. I then headed on off to my folks as my Dad asked last Sunday.ย As I had just arrived on the dot of closing for lunch for the Post Office, I wasn’t able to lodge my savings as they had shut down their machine for the Lunch hour.

SO then afterwards I headed onto the bank. I only relaised that I left my ย bank details behind. Luckily I had my passport, which I always bring with me all the time. So I had to get to Customer Services to get my details. I never use my Bank Card, cause of the charges. And also I keep loosing it. hahaha

I then headed to tescos specifically to look for Vegan Pasta ie Egg Free Pasta. But usual Stanescu always gets distracted. So I looked around. I saw a new particular product saying “Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans and VULCANS(Now WTF is that). So after much confusion, I bought a few other things. I went to purchase. When I finished, I realised I walked out the store and says I to meself “fuck sake”. So went back in and thankfully they were still there, considering there was another customer at the SAME computer self service.

So I then popped back to my place, to drop my stuff home and then traipsed up to my folks. We had a quickie of a cuppa tea. My folks have heard about the moneygrabber. They are trying to get me to stop seeing him and giving into him money wise which as I said to my sis later on, easier said than done as one wud say. So afterwards, we had a bite to eat. Again with the recent depression and the Outhouse. They suggested another place for LGBT. So I introduced to em Foam that Laurence introduced to me back in June after the Pride Events. So I shall show Mom around next week hopefully. Then I got started on speeding up Dad’s lappy. Likewise on Mom’s.

So after awhile, I then headed on home for a wee bit. Then headed onto my sis. We had a chat. As some of you may know, I reported back in July/August of the sexual assault my sis endured a few time within a week. Well today she was paid a visit by the Investigating Cops, regarding the said assault, that the Case shall be approaching very soon. As any natural reaction, she was totally in shock for a few hrs. So I just let her talk it out and be the brother that I can be. I just listened and advised of her of court proceedings etc., With the help of god, it will all go in her favor. We of course looked at Tow and A Half Men. We continued chatting for the night. WE got ourselves a takeout from La Costa(Review here)


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