Diary 22nd October 2014

Well as I lie awake just when the alarm went off, I was thinking due to tiredness to cancel the plans. But me being a nice dude and all, attempted to contact Brendan S as I was to meet him for 8pm in the Outhouse. I was going to ring him to see where he was. If he was on the way, I would go out of my way and meet him, however if he was say at home or whatever, I’d say i’m not up to meeting. However as I couldn’t get through, So I tried FB Call – nothing, texting no answer, Likewise O’ Farrell, to see if he was at the Outhouse if he could pass on the word. But again nothing. Now I eventually got through to O’ Farrell, but he was attending a US Embassy Election function. I attempted to ring Ronan to see if he was at the Outhouse that he could pass on the message. However he wasn’t. So in the end, I had to head on off.

Now add this extra to the potion. What I mean, I got a call of Mom yesterday while I was with my sis to say that I left my Passport behind which included my CARD and my cash when I was with them. The card being for the cinema. So I had to struggle up to my folks to get the passport.

I then headed on to the Outhouse. When I arrived, Severn told me that Searson had left cash for me of which he owed in the past. He had told me jokingly something about me raising Searson as a son. Which I didn’t get. hehehe. So I went into the cafe. It was close. Possibly NO volunteers available. So then Searson hugged me, of which I didn’t understand. He was like a ghost. So then I sat for a few minutes, as I was heading to the cineworld to see Dracula(REVIEW HERE). I was chatting with Bernard, Scott and of course Brendan. They were discussing that films are only after money. I said “You need money to live”. They were bemnused ie unimpressed with this.

So I then headed onto the cinema. While the movie was on, I was thinking to meself a few things such as self harm everytime someone hurts me. etc., etc.,

Then I headed on home with a cautious and worry face. As in, when I was walking from my folks to the Outhouse my cell phone wouldn’t turn off the screen. Everytime, I was pressing the Power button NOT holding, it would turn back on immediately. The killerest of the battery. I was getting anxious. However as God was on my side, It was down at 1% and made it. heheeh


Canadian Parliaments is in lock down. Its feared that two gunmen are on the loose. ONe gunman opened fire in Parliament. It comes after two days that two Canadian Soldieres were attacked. One was killed. 


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