Diary 23rd October 2014

Well I got up slightly tirelessly. heehhe. I was due to meet O’ Farrell. I had apparently forgot to turn on the Sleep AutoSMS. He texted me. So I got ready. However when I arrived at the Outhouse, he wasn’t there. Declan told me that Brendan was looking for me. But he had to head as his phone ran outta battery. So I was chatting with Declan for a few minutes. I decided to go and see The Maze Runner(Review Here). Shortly before I went, Paul came in. The guy whom, did the bitching behind my back, hence my self harm. Joe who was serving my Green Tea, looked anxiously and answered smartly to Paul as much to say, No bullying is tolerated in the Outhouse. So then I was chatting to Declan, when Paul asked me how things were. The nerves that were in me, so nerve wracking. As I have said in the past, and I mentioned to Mom recently, I don’t have the balls to confront a person but VIA Facebook only. I have a plenny a mouth on Facebook. Words hurt on Facebook, just as they do in person. Well Paul must have seen it, as he was acting so nice. hahahah. Or as Dracula would say Buhahahahahah. Or “Let the games Begin”. Β So then on the way home, as I reported yesterday, that my cell phone battery was running low and the display WOULD NOT switch off. So I decided to do a little test. During the above movie, I decided and just thought could it be the Fitness Apps I have running in the background. So when I got home, I tested ALL fitness apps, that I use ONE at a time. Nothing. So I tried them all, as if I were walking. So low and behold it was found that Runtastic Pedometer is the culprit. Which is actually a shame. Ill see if I can contact the developer or something.

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