Diary 25th October 2014

Well after a bit of a hibernation, I got up around 1ish. I was looking at TV.

Just before my sis popped down to me, I was setting up an Email account with Gmail for both my Puppies and my Inflatables. As I intend on create an FB account for both my buddies. heeheh. When I went to put the Birthdate of my babes, they were born or bought last year, so naturally against Google’s Child Protection Policy, my account was declined. So I waited a period, and tried again, cept this time, I put my date of birth down. And that was accepted.

My sis popped down for moral support. She was feeling a bit down. Then my Mom popped down with a Chinese. It was my intention to go out for 5pm as the Outhouse closes at 6 on a Saturday. Then my intention to go and see The Maze Runner(Review here). However that wasn’t to be. So after Mom left, which she didn’t stay long, I finished off the news, which is what made me delayed.

While doing the news, I attempted to create the FB accounts for my babes. The names,  used were Puppies Stanescu. However Facebook denied this. And blocked me. So I attempted to use my current cell phone number, but that didn’t work, as I had used it for my sex account to change privacy settings the other day. So with this in mind, I left for the movie trying to figure out away to get me babes up, I arrived around 20 past 7 way past the film start time. But as I have fallen in love with Dylan O’ Brien and Co. I just have to see his sweet face mmmm. When I arrived, the place was booming. Long queues at Tickets/Box Office, Food Stand, so yeah place was bouncing.

So when I arrived home, I tried Take 2 of attempt of going to get my babes up. So I applied for ONE O2 SIM Card to unlock BOTH my FB Accounts. The things you have to do for love. ahahha



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