Diary 29th October 2014

I got up eventually for half 10. As I was due to go down to Meath with Dad today. The last time, I was down in Meath was for the Funeral of Uncle Reggie last year, March 16th 2013(Death announcement). But I have been down their since once, but very nerve wracking. So today, When I was going down, NOT one bit of nerves was bothering me. Perhaps the Vegetarianism was bothering me to a slightest let alone Veganism.

I first collected the dole. Then I went across to the bank. As I AGAIN left my Bank details behind, I presented my passport(great idea to keep heheeh), however, I have NOTICED something of late with them. In that my name Georgian seams to be mistaken to be of my surname. So afterwards, that was sorted, Mom brought me up to her place.

Where Dad and I got ready to make the trip to Meath. As I had left my charger behind in my sis’ place AGAIN. I’m getting really fed up with leaving stuff BEHIND. Its like my Dad would say to my Mom when they were younger, “Do I Have my Wife, My Wife’s Bag, Coat” etc., something like that. So as a result of leaving my charger behind, I had to make do with charging my cell phone with my Lappy. I had to make do with HALF a charge on my cell phone. So we first stopped at Sean and Mary’s. Well, what I can’t believe when I arrived. As I only came out vegetarian to both Sean and Mary last year, I thought they would have forgotten. I would have expected such. Instead, Mary called him aside, while Dad n Sean(His bro) were chatting. Mary showed me, Pasta and a Sauce with Lentils, Chickpeas, Spinach(Cud swear there was there), etc., etc., I was overwhelmed. However it all came crashing down. When Sean passed on a  remark when he said, that I wasn’t “Normal”. So killing animals is normal, I see. Says I to meself.

Then afterwards Dad n I headed onto Nancy to mainly get Potatoes off Nancy as her son Gerard Martin, had picked potatoes for Mom n Dad. So I along with Dad, put the 3 bags of potatoes into the car. Two things struck out with me in the convo: Water Charge and the Mairiah Cahill controversy. I would be most curious as to what’s gonna happen. heeheh. SO the two of us headed on home. Remembering the Strawberry Beds. Dad explained that the barriers had to be erected up, as Lorries used to get winded up, and there was a danger of them falling down off the bridge.

So Mom left me home. And one thing on the way was, that I had the feeling of relaxation from teh country. IN which I quite agree. Considering. heeheh.


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