Diary 30th October 201

Well what a day I had. At least in the positive sense. I got up around 2ish, when I had enough sleep from my hibernation yesterday. Afterall I was down in Meath yesterday. I looked at TV for a few hours.

Then I got ready to head out to the Outhouse, then onto the movies. In the meantime, I got a call from O’ Farrell. So I headed to Outhouse first. I encountered Searson. We chatted. Told him of my Uncle’s SLOW demise death. He’s not obviously, but the painful waiting is bothering. Then O’ Farrell popped along. I then asked if a guy who tells you just cause I won’t send an ass pic, he says that I ain’t gay. O Farrell is of the view it tells which sexual position you’d be, ie Top/Bottom etc., While there, I encountered David O’ Toole. I got nervous at first. However, like I did to Paul the other day, I didn’t talk to him at all either. Paul knows he did wrong. David I’m not sure. But I got the gut feeling, that perhaps he may know. Cause he left sad or whatever. I said his goodbyes to the two Brendan’s etc., But I refused to talk to him in the first place.

So with that, Both O’ Farrell n I headed on to see Gone Girl(Review here). Now he’s seen the movie. SO he wanted my opinion. During the movie, I then taught to meself, to the above question I asked both Brendan’s ie about the Ass question?? Sexuality DOES NOT define who you have sex with let alone who you share you’re sexual body pics of ie ass, dick etc., etc., Its who you are ATTRACTED to.

So after the movie, I left Brendan to Camden St., where he walked home. On the way, I gave him Financial advice. Of which I quoted our Former Taoiseach Charles J Haughey(RIP), “We are living way beyond our means”. What I mean by this quote in our case, is to cut back on the expenditure. Expenditure should be SMALLER than Income.

I was watching Late LUnch LIve from OnDemand on TV3. One of the episodes they had(This was from during the week) was Rory O’ Neill aka Panti. They showed a clip from the Abbey THeatre whereby he gave a speech on Oppresion of gay. “Embarreased by his Gayness”. His point was have you ever been with you GAY BEST FRIEND etc., and you feel embarrassed by his gayness etc., Now this is quite true of my mates BRendan S and a few other clowns. What I’m referring to is the Pride Regourt, whereby a few ppl where EMbarrest by my Gayness.

I went to attempt to look up if there was a way to download a few sections of the Late Late Show, I had missed from Friday just gone due to Box space issues. So as it happens, I looked on RTE Player, and went through it, ie whisked through it. And as it happened, didn’t need it. I did download software, but as it happens didn’t need it.




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