Diary 31st October 2014 – Halloween

Well it was quite an interesting day. hehehhe. Considering the day that it was ie Halloween. I got up with a view of getting myself a Halloween Costume. I was gonna get the Grim Reaper costume in Fiarview, however they had closed, kinda thought so. I initially was thinking a Dracula, but then you’d have to face paint yourself. So with that outta the picture, I went into Lidls’ and got myself a Pumpkin Costume. So adorable – ahahah. I then went to Eurogiant, to get a mask. hehehe.

I then headed onto the Outhouse. With my regout on ie the Pumpkin hhehe. Now I knew the Outhouse was having their own Halloween Party. NOT the patrons ie us. However it was in the Cafe, I thought they were gonna have it elsewhere. So with that in mind, I headed on upstairs to Men’s night. Declan and Patrick was their. Oh and of course Scott. However Β there was another lad their, who couldn’t stop laughing. Shortly afterwards, it was getting uncomfortable. So I said don’t get a heart attack, I couldn’t have that on my conscience. hehehe. So the lads tried to encourage me to stay on, well more so Declan. So then I headed afterwards, I headed onto the movies. Went to the movies. I went to see Fury(Review here).


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