Diary 2nd November 2014

Well what a day. hahaha. It started off raw, then ended possibility. hehehe. Why it started off raw, was my fault. I had gone to bed V late. As in around 3ish. Due to be up for 6ish, ie less than 3hrs sleep. Clearly, I don’t do well on 3hr sleep let alone be up in time. So as such, I was quite late for it. The last time, I was up late involved my sis coming down to my place, worried sick cause of my depression. I headed on down to her.

I started updating my 122 Updates from Google Playstore. Took a few hrs. But hey. Didn’t both me. Then I installed the Software Update. I had expected that the version number change, however it didn’t. SO now that I think of it, I take the Build Number changed.



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