Diary 6th November 2014

Well after an early start tot he day and of course a great hibernation, as you can gather why my previous blog post, I had no dreams to report happily. I got up.

It was my intention to check my Facebook Notifications. However Google Chrome continuously crashing, I figured, something has to be done. So yesterday, I upgraded the browser AND cleared cache, and cookies etc., Thinking that would work. Sadly it didn’t. So I was forced to wait PAINFULLY to download just over 700mb of Windows Updates, it was so painstakingly slow, So I tried sections as in Office Updates, then Windows then the OPTIONAL. That still didn’t work. I had ran out of time.

So now, I’m left with DISABLING ALL notifications from Friends. So will this work, I don’t know.

So with this as I said above, I ran out of time. By that I mean, I was heading out tonight to the movies.

So my intention was to go to O2, as I had reported recently, that O2 Online, told me to go and get the FREE SIM from O2 Shop. So I headed on off to O2 Mary St., thinking O2 Henry was CLOSED, however when I arrived at O2 Henry it was OPENED. So quite surprising. I understood from LocalMint app, told me otherwise. So I headed into O2 Henry to ask for a FREE SIM. I was told that I need to top it up first. I did explain, but failed. So I moved onto O2 Mary to get the SIM. I did cough up the €10 eventually. The SIM is for to unlock my Puppys and Inflatables Facebook accounts. They’s worth every cent of it.

So then on my way to the Bank on Parnell St., I encountered Brendan S. Great to see him. He reminded me that there’s a bank on Capel St., as I was on my way to the Outhouse anyways. So then in AIB Bank, I realsied yet again, that I left my Bank Details behind!!!!!. Grrrrr.

So afterwards, the two of us headed onto the Outhouse. While there, I was getting my cuppa tea ie Green. While waiting, there was lovely music playing. I kept remarking. It sounded like a sound track as in Superman etc., etc., But it was from a Thomas Bergersen. Absolutely lovely it is. Shortly before I left for the movie, Brendan had asked me if something had happened between David O’ Toole and I. I explained that yes, that it did. So I went to say abotu the bullying, the bitching etc., I explained that I had gotten him cups of tea, listened to him etc., etc., as a friend, yet I got stabbed in the back etc.,etc.,

So with this in mind, I headed onto Cineworld, to see Nightcrawler.(Review here).


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