Diary 9th November 2014

Well I got up not to bad. After enjoying a great sleep, I headed onto my sis for a great visit. hehehe. WE chatted and looked TV and movies. hehhee. THats about it to be honest. She had a bit of a breakdown, due to which obviously I won’t be getting into. Bottomline, I advised her of the situation. So hopefully alls’ well. Both of us were playing Ring Cock, whereby we threw rings on the Inflatable cock I bought yesterday. It was so fun.


Former Fianna Fáil, Minister  for Agriculture and Food Joe Walsh has died. He was 71. He served as Minister in ’92-’94 and again ’97-’04. He oversaw the Foot and Mouth Disease and introduced controls.

Remembrance Sunday in honor of those who died in two World Wars, and later conflicts.  Taeoiasach Enda Kenny laid a Wreath at War Memorial, Enniskillen(an IRA Bomb claimed 11 lives in 1987), while Minister for Foreign Affairs was at the Wreath Laying Ceremony in Belfast, UK. Other Dignitaries included Northern Ireland’s First Minster Peter Robinson MP.

Dulbin, IRL was also a location of Remembrance, where Tánsite, US and British Ambassador also paid tributes in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, The Lord Mayor of Dublin – having to defend his presence. 100s and 1000s of IRISH who fought in World War 1 including Michael Colton’s Father

And Ireland’s Ambassador(Dan Mulhall) to Britain was at the Senitaf, London, UK. Wreath’s were also laid in Belfast, UK and Dublin, IRL

25th Anniversary of the FALLING of the Berlin Wall. German Chancellor Angela Merkel attended a Service in honor of those who died and perished at the hands of the Communist Regime of the East German Regime. She also said that fall of the wall has shown the world that “Dreams can come true”. The Reunification of East Germany and West Germany signified the end of the Cold War. Mikaeil Gorbachev who was the last leader of the Soviet Leader was also in attendance and among the honored guests. Tonight at the Brandenburg Gate, 7,000 white balloons will be realsed symbolically reenacting the Fall of Wall on this Night 25 yrs ago.


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