Diary 10th November 2014

PS This post contains NSFW content by means of sexual content.

I went to bed very late after looking at an emotional BUT very comical film The Worlds’ End(REVIEW here).

Shortly before I was shutting down Lappy, I was looking at the Catholic Church and World War 1. From my understanding, you couldn’t come out and be proud of your loved one being in the war or to say that your loved one faught for your country OR in Ireland’s case(as the country is NEUATRAL – which means we don’t fight in wars, we made a pact), The Irish joined the British Army to help out etc., etc.,

Mom rang me to say she has chips etc., for me. However with the “illness” – so called, I didn’t want em, so I lied through my teeth so. I didn’t wanna jepardise. Although when I was with my sis yesterday, I did have a chili overheat from Mom’s take out she had.

I was looking at a Porn flick while doing my junior(you know what I mean – hahahaa – my gay friends would know what I mean – heehheeh). I love a porn that has a story line or a simple plot. e.g a guy has been thrown out, and hence needs a place to crash etc., etc.,In this instance, the gay guy brought around 2 straight guys round. Claiming to them that a Tiffany would be round. The gay guy said the Tiffany loves em all tied up. The guys bought that, and hence got tied up. Then the gay guy did the sexual act of Blow job on each of em. The white guy in particular was of most homophobic, although the colored guy was no better. Anyways, the guys would say stuff such as faggot, you’re not sucking me, etc., etc., . The white guy was the most. The colored although he was homophobic, he in my opinion was actually enjoying it. But anyways as usual I get distracted. What I’m trying to say, these guys were actually the gay guy’s BULLY. The straight guys, were saying you’d have balls to let us go, cause we’re gonna really beat the shit out of you etc., etc., so the gay guy CLEVERLY says, there is a security tape, hidden but visible to the whole school if you touch me or even verbally abuse me etc., etc., HOW CLASSIC was that. I wish I had done that to my bully. So the gay guy says while the two are sucking him, “Who’s the faggot now”, they BOTH reply “Fuck you faggot”. Bottomline, lure your bully into a place, RECORD and then threaten to relasie the video if they go near you or whatever. I thought it was well acted out Porn(ASSUMING ย of course it was acting).

Then shortly before I got up, I had a dream of whereby I was constantly pulling my sleeve. When I was younger BEFORE Inflatables existed in my life. I was constantly biting my sleeve. Its a habit, I had over in Romania. Perhaps the longing of my Mom of which I have a dedicated FB Page for her. Obviously for data privacy reasons, I haven’t anything incriminating mainly, cause I don’t have that information. Even if I did, I would respect her privacy. heeheh. But anyways, when I was in the orphanage, the nurses etc., saw that I was bighteing my skin on a consistence basis. So they gave me a rag to bite on. To this day 30 years, later, I still have the habit. Now while the sleeve, has reduced significantly, I still have urge alrite. BUT the Inflatables(obviously if I were to bite em, they wouldn’t be around for long – haahah). So to keep em, I just hug em to my delightful. heheeheh.


Former RTE Current Affairs Prime Time host, etc., has died. Joined RTE 1962. He covered 2 major Election coverage. ’73 and ’77. Oversaw for the first time a Taoeiseach conseeding to defeat. Current Affairs output for 40yrs. He covered such on 7 Days and Today, Tonight. . He provided commentary for ceremonial occasions such as State Funerals and JFK’s State Visit to the Republic of Ireland. Born in Manchester, moved to Ireland.

A MOCK referendum has been held in Catalonia, Spain to break away from Spain. Catalonians are wanting to be an Independent country, just liek the way Scotland tried doing September 2014 gone. A Court order was struck down, It has been said that Catalonia may NEVER be allowed to break away. But as it happens, It the referendum were to be held more than 80% would be in favor.

The Netherlands has held a Memorial Service today in memory of those who died in the MH17 disaster in the Summer 2014. All 219 perished in the disaster. Of which 193 were Dutch Nationals. 9 Are still UNACCOUNTED for currently.

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