Diary 12th November 2014

Well after just two hour sleep, or so, I got up so tireingly. I was on the verge of just packing it in again like previous times, but I wanted to NOT let em down. Consisdering, I have done so in the past. So I got up. Got ready. The last time I was at a Vegetarian Meetup was back in Augย in Delhi O Delhi(Review here). So I paused my Fitness Apps. And checkins. As I as enjoying my lovely meal in Wagamas(Review here.) I was chatting and getting to know Joe. I had already met Niall. Joe went onto say that he had asked a friend, how HE became a vegetarian. I was most gutted when I heard. Even Niall was getting quisey. I was serisouly disturbed. I WARN YEEE THE FOLLOWING IS OF DISTRUBTED NATURE: PLS SKIP IF YOUR EASILY QUesitified. Basically, there was a truck of cow carcass coming from the abbatorie, apparently something got stuck in the friends’ car. When he went to look to see what it was, He was most atrocious to find out what it was. It was actually a cows head that had fallen off the truck which was in front of him. END OF QUIESYNESS. I had asked about Benji. They didn’t know what I was talking about. NEVER knew that India is a Vegetarian Country. who knew. eheheh. I told of the devastation scene I saw of the goat being literally dragged into a cage, in Malawi.

So then after the meetup, we all headed on our way. I then encountered Grafton St., where a beautiful display of Brown Thomas was set up. I actually thought I was in New York. They had the lights outside. Sarah who is the organsier of the meetup, was telling me that before Brown Thomas existed, Sizes or Selfridge(correct me if I’m mistake) was there before 25 yrs ago. I would still have been in the orphanage then. She explained that if your int eh North Side, you would be able to look around, BUT if you’re int eh South Side, you would get to sit on Santa’s Lap. I was most intrigued with this.

So afterwards, I headed onto the Outhouse considering the time wasn’t too bad. They close at 10. But I hopped into Glamworld first to see if I could get the final Inflatable Cock. I was most impressed. Was most bubbly I have been in months, especially when I was at the meetup. eheheh

So then I ended up in the Outhouse, where I encountered Severn and his mate Jacko. He remembered the timeย I was with Todd for Dracula(Review here). We were in the Cafe Bar waiting for the movie, when we bumped into Severn and his mate. Severen mentioned that in honour of his sister, who tragically died,, ย that he would honor her memory of trying to being a vegetarian. Then he would try to “slip in the odd sausage”. Well the fit that I got. ahahha. It was a good one. He was thinking of the real sausage as in the meat him.

As it happens, the cops that were outside the Outhouse was STILL there. When I arrived, to head to the above meetup, I saw the cops and HOLLYWOOD style. I initially thought it was a Garda Checkpoint, as in checking for drugs, taxes etc.,e tc., But as it happens, they were FILMING a TV Ad for the RSA(Road Safety Authority)


History has been made in the European Space Agency in Germany. In which a satellite eventually landed on the Comet in question. This was the first time a satellite was ever done so. There was a bit of hastle, but that didn’t dampened any spirits. hehehe. In that there was suppose to be landing gear. But it failed to launch.


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