Diary 15th November 2014

I was looking at TV, and after the Eurovision(I know, I know, its several months late – but what the hey – hahaha), I looked at The Hole(Review here.)

I was due to go to see Teenage Ninja Turtles(Review here), and then afterwards pop up to Mom and Dad. However, I failed as I went to sleep at 17.26, when the film was starting at half 5. So that was a gonner. So I just went to sleep. My alarm went off for 9ishpm. However, I couldn’t’ be bothered to wake up, So I just stayed on in bed for the few hrs.


Tanaise and Minister for Social Protection was blocked from existing the function she was at. She was at a Graduation Ceremony for a HETAC students in Jobstown, Tallaght. She was blocked by the Water Charge protesters.


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