Diary 22nd November 2014

It was my intention to go out last night(Fri) and/or Sat tongite. However with cash being low or more so WANTING to keep it for the takeout with my sis tomoz night.

So my day started off with me being in bed. hehehe I went off around midnight Sat. ehheeh. I slept straight through 15hrs. Then woke up to take a leak around half 3pm. Then shortly afterwards, I went back to bed. Suddenly I had the urge to self harm, BUT then I said to myself that Maureen(Nun) doesn’t even deserve her mark on my body.

The dream I had was before I got up for the leak was as follows. I’m with a person advising her about something. I see Michael Doherty in his small car coming out of the driveway. He completly ignores me like everyone else. On the way, we pass a kid selling trees. Awwww. Might I add cute ones. Then we head onwards towards Copeland Ave., and we come across a group. Gabbie(Eva Longoria) in Desperate Housewives and her daughter are their. Juanita(‘Scuse the spelling) is disgusted with her drunken behavior(Her mom’s). A group of women are fighting for a man. All of this happening when theirs an oil leaking and splashing on us. Someone mentions the Civil Defence. I ask what are they. Someone then says There “on it”. hehehe

Then when I got up, I woke up you’d swear disoriented. By this I mean. as follows. I went to bed with my satin/silk boxers, My Puppys(Sammy) was sleeping at the end of the bed. Two Champys who are in love – hahaha, One of em who is on his way out(Awwww so sad), and the other too. They were hugging each other, when I went to sleep. Oh and my Peppi that I’ve yet to revolutionise again,  by blowing him up, he was over on my left hand side. NOW when I wake up, Boxers GONE, ie naked, (WEIRD if you ask me), Sammy at the SIDE of the bed ie on my RIGHT hand side. The Peppi on my RIGHT hand side ontop my Sammy.

Then I got up eventually, with a view of seeing my folks. I first got a cuppa. Then headed onto Tesco to get Butter. Then I trottled along to my folks. heeheh. Was great to see em. My attitude was why punish my Mom for my Aunty’s(Nun) ignorance and attitude. So we had a chat a nice one might I add. hehehe. Then Maira Cahill came on. So I just played with my cell phone. Dad left me home afterwards, He asked me in a cheery note, if I had forgotten about Maureen’s computer, ie job. I said of course not. I told him the truth as in her attitude. That I was treated shit etc.,e tc., He didn’t know what to say. He was quite aghasped. So he instead asked me if I’m around during the week for the lights. He wants to tests em. heeheh

The guy above me had his loud music on. In this instance, he was playing Let It Go from Frozen. What a joy to listen to. Then when it finished it went onto Do You Want to Build a Snowman again from Frozen.



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