Diary 2nd December 2014

Well what a day ย it so far has turned out to be. hahaha.

It all started with LOUD and I sincerely mean LOUD banging at 10.45. I was due to get up for 10.55 and to be collected for shortly AFTER 11. Now the reason for the block capitals as my sis n Mom were banging at my door. Even thou it was spoz to be AFTER 11. Even my Dad can vence for me which he did. But anyways, I popped to the Post Office then onto AIB to get the dosh into the account. heheeh.

So we headed onto the house. Continued our chores. heeheh. We worked had meals, lovely might I add. hahaah.

Then Mom dropped me back to my place. Shortly before we left, I realsie I left my cell phone charger behind. I went with Mom’s keys, to get it. Then unconsciously I gave MY keys to her thinking they were hers. Then I realised that I had left Mom’s keys in the door(inner) so I had to ring the doorbell to get access to the keys. ahhaha What a laugh. I then got another Spice hot ie a Chili Overheat like the one I had last time.

I headed onto my sis. We had a great chat. heehehe. We also had a take out. I got mine from Flaming Wok(Review here). My sis got hers’ from La Costa(Review here)


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