Flaimng Wok, Fairview

Although I got a takeout with this Takeaway, in the past, I decided to wait it out til I get a BIG meal. heheheeh. Now the price was quite reasonable. I got as follows:

Vegetable Rolls

These were by far my fav and BEST of the lot.


The soup at first I had to check if there was pieces of chicken or meat. It had the consistency. I checked the Menu to ensure. It was VERY literally VERY sweet. I didn’t appreciate that. I’m almost sure there was such thing as Sweet and Sour sauce, but by golly there’s sweet and then there was sweet.

3 In 1

This has been my fav. I totally enjoyed this. This meal consisted of Rice, Curry and Chips

Tofu Skewers.

The Tofu Skewers were delicious, although like the above Soup, Very sweet again, I loved the presentation of it. hahaha.

Mushroom Dish

I enjoyed the Noodles more so than the vegetables. However that’s just my personal prefernece. hahaah

The meal was for a great value of €24.50. Great value I says.

Vegetable Rolls

Tofu Skewers.


Mushroom Dish



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