Diary 4th December

Diary 4th December

Literally before I went to bed my lappy went. So I said I’d leave it. Got up  mom collected me. Helped dad with gardening lights. They wanted me to get rid of my beloved Inflatables which I shan’t. Mom lost her wallet. She was v upset. Dad contacted AIB to cancel the card. Just when mom and I were heading for DiLucia’s Takeout(Review here), I also popped into Top Rice(Review here) which is literally next door to DiLucias. Mary from next door told mom that a taxi man had seen the wallet and kept it to b returned. Mom and i  headed out. After the takeout, I sped to Pennies, however I was too late likewise for EuroGiant.

I then headed for to meet Dave O’ Toole, Brendan O’F. Saw Mike there too. Chatted. Dave interestingly mentioned when I was chatting to him on Hornet App, that he didn’t think I was the guy at the other side.  My heart stopped for a split second out of shamed. In that he’s looking for a guy. But when he does they want sex. Etc. So we all dispersed. Brendan and I headed to the cinema to see Nightcrawler(Review here). However I had mixed up the days. And to top that I brought the wrong cineworld card. So Brendan and I headed onto McDonald’s to show me new tablet in the McDonalds Grafton St branch(Review here).


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