Diary 8th December 2014

Got up with one very simple task and that was to purchase Windows 8 DVD from Microsoft. However it turned out to be a nightmare. As such it stated as follows. Was looking for my post book to get the cash so that I cud top it up the O2 money for use on the site.

So then I headed off in such a faze. With a view of reporting my book as lost n “hopefully” cash as well. But when the lady told me to send to the head office ie GPO. I said forget it, to myself of course.

So I headed on up to mom n dad’s. They saw me in such a faze ie stressed out. So Dad offered me the cash on a loan basis obv. So we headed onto Spar to top up the card. However that was grand but when I went to purchase it, it was found that the download wouldn’t work as it was on a Windows Vista machine (Dads)in the meantime onto Todd my mate advising that u go n use ubuntu which I’ve done so etc etc. So I contacted Microsoft LIVE chat and very kindly offered to replace the download version with a DVD version. I wanted the download thinking I would burn to DVD and Bobs ur uncle but no didn’t go that way. So now I have to wait almost a week for my refund with a FURTHER week for the actual DVD. So in short, I understood, I was able get the refund immediatly and they give me the Download Link to Burn to DVD.

So I just sat with em for a few hrs.


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