Diary 10th December 2014

I woke up to 5 missed calls from Maureen and a text from my sis. As it happens she’s have work done on her Broadband  service so I’m meeting in town instead. I was due to meet her in her place to help her with her Lappy.

So I set off to the outhouse. For the 2 r 3rd week NO good movie out. So I decided to write my cards. It was my view of going there to write cards. However there was a bit of activity. So I joined in. I made a point that if the outhouse is to survive they don’t need wifi as it’s costing them.

Tatiana n Gerry m Severn n Joyce were most appreciative of the cards given from here.

So I headed off home. On the way home stopping off for dad’s Christmas gift. And something for myself as I wasn’t sure if the bread had gone off etc. As it happens miraculously it still fresh. So I put up a few decorations. The lights that I was to get dad to check I found em. But no point now. Wrapped up Maureen’s gift.

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