Diary 11th December 2014

I met Maureen for our monthly. Had a great chat n lunch. Heheh. She told me she saw my sex site on her Facebook under people you may know. She asked if I liked showing my “little friend” off hahaha. But the embarrasment that came about. hahaah. WE cahtted about Romania.

Headed home. Got my hair cut. Headed on into town to outhouse to write cards. I was as usually distracted. However they was some form of an event on alrite. An information session. Heheg. I continued to write. There was a patron of which I can’t think of his name. Brendan O’ F says if he cud get in. Β The guy says u can squeeze in. Or anything. Hahah. Brendan asked the patron if he could squeeze in. THe patron replied, you can squeeze in OR “anything”. ahahah.

I encountered a few familiar faces. Of which Niall was one, of whom, I hadn’t seen since Pride n Andrea since the bitching debacle. Haha I invited Andrea to re-add me on Facebook if he so wishes.

So then it was time to meet Emil for the film Penguins of Madagascar(Review here). Great flick. Heheheh. Great to see him too. So whit this in mind we both dispersed. I bumped into O’ Farrell. We all dispersed.


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