Diary 11th November 2014

Well after such a lovely and wonderful hibernation, I got up freshly, although with the crappy weather outside, I was reluctant in getting up.

But anyways, I got up, I got ready for my to get the dosh. I headed off in the crappy rain. I had my umbrella(known as Umbi), the umbrella I bought the other day. So had that with me, backwards and forwards. I then went to the bank to lodge the cash in. Then onto Tescos to get my Vegan Butter(Pure). I then headed on home. I found that when I was GOING to An Post that on the way, I was being splashed with cars coming against me, so I kept going in and out to avoid the splash. However on the way back, I was walking back on the SAME side, and thought to myself, but I won’t be able to see the cars, let alone hear em, so I just thought, I’ll just have to be on the look out. hehee. But as it happens, I didn’t need em, hehehe as it wasn’t raining as much. eheheh.

So then, I got ready for my sis. I headed onto Tescos to get a few stuff for my sis. We chatted n TV etc., I was wanting a takeout from La Costa, however the app, kept crashing in terms of not letting me continue to pay. But my sis explained, that it was the app telling me that the place in question was closed.


The Garda Inspectorate(Robert Olsen) has launched a DAMING report into how the Gardaí conduct their jobs. Some of the findings are as follows:

    • 999 – not all recorded
    • Crimes placed in WRONG category
    • Unsolved crimes shown as detected – I fail to understand this particular finding
    • Not all crimes effectively investigated
    • Victims do not always receive a good service
    • Offenders are NOT always brought to JUSTICE – BIGGEST of teh pack




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