Diary 12th December 2014

What a day it turned out to be. Hahaha. I got n up with in tent in getting my loan. However I failed to get it as in hadn’t my bank statement n social welfare slips(uptodate).

So I headed to the post office with intent of withdrawing 70 for the puppys however that didn’t work. So I headed to the bank to attempt to print off my statements however they’s were just summaries.

So instead I headed up to Mom n dad’s to print my statements. I as usual had to lie in getting my citizenship. I wasn’t gonna say it was printing for to get a loan. I was instructed strictly by dad NOT to get a loan that if I needed cash I would ask him. Dad while up there wanted his UPC bill printed and to look up a New Lottery game.  I also of course went up there to order the Windows 8 DVD for my lappy hoping that’ll work. So all in all great visit. Dad left me back.

I headed onto meet Ronan and his girlfriend (Transgender). I was in the outhouse giving cards around. Chatting as well. I met Ronan at the cineworld with looking forward to see  Interstellar(Review here). However it wasn’t to be. So we all headed back to the outhouse. With me wanting to see a film so badly I decided to chug O’ Farrell along. While we waited for the film we I was chatting n laughing. Great laughs were had. Hahaha. I bumped into Searson. What a laugh he turned put to be. Measuring our asses for weight loss etc. Hehhehe. So O’ Farrell and I headed onto see Horrible Bosses 2(Review here).


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