Diary 20th December 2014

Well what a day it turned out to b. I wad looking forward to first my loan then outhouse mulled wine then a bit of last minute shopping.  N odd course setting Michael diva n Silvia. I even had thoughts of helping Silvia coming or or even just fb etc.

But no. I woke up at 11.48am. Bit tired. But forgot to put the alarm on for 1.15 as Drumcondra Credit Union closes at 2 on a sat.  So I stayed on in bed. I then got up at 4 is realising it was too late. O farrell texted me asking if I was going to outhouse. As I had no cash I didn’t bother.

Did dallas for a few hrs. Delaying as much as possible. But I just happen to c my sis facebook to realise she was heading up to her nemesis. I told her that I’m fine. Nothing to worry about. Etc. But when she mentioned Mulligan I didn’t want to believe it.

So I set about eventually around nine. For the shivers n cold feet. Etc. I had thoughts of posting a status of getting my sis it is hell home ie the rels. But she was already out. It was my idea that I ring the door bell and someone and preferably my sis.  And that she head out and we make a run for it. But it didn’t. As she was delayed. Then Andrina n Matthew came out. They saw me hiding behind dad’s car. They tried talking to me. Mum tried n Maureen. I just kept getting even more distressed. Dad tried too. Mum says that I’ll b sorry I didn’t get to meet em. Maureen was the more comforting by telling mum not to force me. When I saw my sis I told her get me the hell out of here. How am I spoz to get bk with em if I keep held distressed. I then sped to her Gaf. Iv the way u began to get thoughts of going bk to the house me so to help em with the cleaning up. The visitors left. Dishes done. So all that there was left for me to eat a bit of grub that was for me.

So I got my sis a cuppa n mom collected me with Maureen. Had a bit of grub.

They left me bk. I did now taping of Dallas. Which has helped me. Bur now the drive ain’t working they I was backing stuff up to.


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