Diary 14th January 2015

Course. CV day

Introduced to jobnet

Mom collects me to go to PC World to collect lappy. However they failed to put the charger with the lappy. Collected dole.

Came back. Devastated about my Inflatables. So another blocking trip for awhile. I may have to do without lappy. But we’ll c. What had happened hear was that, Dad had said to me, very clearly and strict tone, that I should do away with my Babes, ie the Inflatables. He said that I was to “promise” him to tidy my place up and deflate my babes. I was totally devastated. He clearly didn’t understand my love for em. Not sure if he still does. Etc., So both Mom and Dad gave me 48hrs(ie two days) to get my place sorted as my Aunt(Nun) had a mattress to give me.

So Mom dropped me to my sis, and then in a quick turn around, I told Mom that I’ll make my way home, that I wanted to stay assuming of course that my sis was ok with that, which at the time, she was. hahaha. Then Mom said, but you’ve to tidy up your place, I said I will do when I get back. So we left on a BAD note both Mom n I, I mean.


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