Big Hero 6

I popped along to the most anticipated movie of my Babes Inflatables. Big Hero 6. The film surrounds an Inflatbles that sets about saving the a town. How it stats that is that a young kid Hiro has an amazing relationship with his Bro Tashadi. Hero starts with Robo Fighting. His bro Tashadi is exceptionally looking out for him. I’ve never seen such closeness. He brings his Bro Hiro to a Nerd School college kinda. Hiro is overwhelmed. He meets Baymax(INFLATBLES). He’s an Inflatable Robot that is a “Healthcare Companion”. They go on a journey in finding out the mysterious person who was involved the fire.

Overall a FANTASTIC film. Pure emotional at times. But fantastic. I smell a sequel on its way.



7 thoughts on “Big Hero 6

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