Diary 3rd February 2015

Rang Sky to try and revert my Payment Method back to Bank. As my O2 Money card ain’t working til I get the new one with the expiry Date. I asked for my Account Number, As I had mislaid it. I needed it to recreate my SkyID, I also enquired about the Credit issue on downloading the Sky Movies. I kept getting an error saying I had insufficient credit on my account. So as regards the Payment Method, I can’t change it until the Payment Date, because my 14 Days in advance of a DD had expired/passed.

I rang Frank too to let him know about the form. And to also ask if the other tenatns were being increased rent and if I’m entitled to my Rebate like everyone else. He got cold over that. SO I just left it at that.

I then headed to get my Dole, and then Banking. And finally called up to me folks. Dad was having enormous trouble with his UPC Delivery of which they were to deliver UPC Horizon Box. Eventually it came. So I helped to install it. Β Reset up his Lappy, which didn’t take too long. So all in all, all was happy when I left.

Dad left me down to my sis; We had a ball. hehehe.


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