Diary 27th February 2015

Today as I got word from my sis that all’s well with her and her Mom, I got up with a great bubbly excitement. heheeh. Family feel each other’s pain. No doubt. I learned that during the past few days. I had a plan of going to Lidl to get bread and Fitness shorts as advertised online, Aldi to get Undies – Briefs and then the Cineworld to see Big Hero 6, and then lastly Outhouse.

The day started off with my very surprising NSFW Photo shoot. Never seen the likes. I looked at the news from Wed. Ran out of time. So I then headed on a mad rush to Lidl as it happens the Fitness shorts weren’t available YET. I did get my bread thou. I then headed onto Alidis where Β I came across the undies. However the ones that were left in FULL packages were X Large and those that were M size were Medium were torn apart and missing a pair of undies. So I decided against em. Ill get some. The world ain’t running out of COLORED briefs. I have plenny of Black and White and Grey briefs, BUT no colors. So I then headed to see Big Hero 6(Review here) to see me precious Inflatables.

I then headed to the Outhouse. Great excitement was had EVENTUALLY. I literally started things by saying great convos ain’t there. It was Patrick’s birthday. I also announced(by my surprised) that Leonard Nemoy had died. So they shared there own memories. When I said my hellos, John(The guy who racially attacked me), cudn’t stand the site of me. Possibly the Outhouse has investigated the Complaint I made. AS I said the last time, if you receiving any form of abuse etc., do it the right way, not the wrong way. When I walked in with my new regout, Declan AGAIN brings up my Pride regout. I said to him, can’t you not like just move on and literally its almost a year like “how many months”. He just didn’t know what to say. Everyone else never said a word. Which they were right to. They have moved on, clearly Declan hasn’t.

So then I headed on home. Watched Frozen(Review here) for the night.


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