Diary 1st March 2015

I was due to go to Westwood, again for the umpteenth time. I failed to go as this time my body wouldn’t let me go cause of my soar throat. I got that from sitting in the Jumper which I bite cause it can’t be worn outside in public anymore and the Thermal undies last night, when I was spoz to go to the movies last nite. So instead I stayed on in bed. And headed to my sis. It is unfortunate that BOTH of us were on under the weather. Which has never happened. Its usually EITHER. She is currently suffering from Pancreatitis. Me from the soar throat. I had posted a status on my FB saying about my soar throat. I was recommended to go and gargle. Now I tried this (Or as I later learned – spoz to have) when I was with my ex. I remember I had an absis or lack of Fillings ie sensitivity. IT was causing me hell. I was gargling Dad’s Hennesy Brandy, and I remember he telling me stop wasting my money. I was like ERRR me health MORE important. Anyways, I then remember my ex Keith feeling sorry as he had the same a few yrs ago. So my sis prepped up the gargling with salt. I attempted the first time, it was alrite. I was surprised that I got it right the first time in years. heeheh. My sis explained that I have been in the past RINSING instead of gargling. I had previously on my way to my sis bought Strepsils. My fav. However they failed to work throughout the night. They would have, if I had NOT bought the takout with BBQ Sauce and my sis’ curry chips that she had prepped in oil(which I gave her from my Mom’s takeout) and a chicken(Meat free) that was in too much water. So that was our “wonderful” night. hahaah. Shortly before I headed off. I was checking My grindr n youd’ never guess what image I saw. I was chatting to a cute guy. He said he was a daddy and he uploaded a pic of his son who is a minor. The pic was someone washing him down naked. His butt was facing the camera. I was apalled. I reported him to grindr.

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