Diary 3rd March 2015

Well after a night of dreams and not to mention the cold, I got up to a loud baning on my door, and window might i add. It was my Aunt(NUN) asking me if I had a temperature something like that. I tried ignoring. It was impossible. But she left after abt 15mins or so.

I then headed to get the Dole, AIB then onto eventually Lidl. Before Lidl I headed to Lloyds to fet a few medicaines such as Lemsip, Strepsils etc., I was looking everywhere for the Complan Smoothies. No where. To my surprise it ain’t availabel in Ireland yet. I was suprised thou in Lidl, the fitness shorts I wanted were outsold. They were only made available yesterday. Eitherway, I then proceeded to get my White and Brown Bread. I asked the floor staff, if they had brown bread version of the white(Vegan & Vegetarian), the staff member said to put back the white, I said I want it.

Then I realsied it was 4pm, ie to meet my sis slightly earlier than normal. On the way to Lidls, I had come across a Puppy that I was wanting to get for my sis for her birthday in April. So I went back to the shop.

I then headed back home. My sis had been taken into hosp for to see to her pancreatitis. I then headed up with her to the hospital for a few hrs. Dad collected me to go to his place. I spent a few hrs. Dad left me back home.


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