What a wonderful but heartfelt film  Tells a story of a robot known as Chappie, help’s save the world. He’s known as a Black Sheep. Ie “different”. The plot is quite simple but at the same time VERY difficult to understand coding. Chappie became to being when he was fighting with the the human police, he was shot with a rifle by Hippo(Auret). So as such Chappie is put aside. Deon(Patel) is working on a piece of code that will upload human consicnece to a robot. So Deon steals a Guard Key. Vincent(Jackman) is hot on his tale thou. Making up stories etc., Vincent even goes as far as to DISABLE the whole lot of the Robot Police. While on the other hand, another storyline exists. That Chappie was “Stolen” by Ninja and Yolandi to help them with a heist to get money for to give back to Hippo. Etc. So very well loved by all, very heartwarming film. 


3 thoughts on “Chappie

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