Diary 11th March 2015

Headed down to meet my ex Keith in Newbridge. I haven’t been out of the city in years. Although yesterday, Dad did mention that I had been down in Meath a few times But asides from that, I hadn’t been down. So I set about heading to Bus Áras to get the bus down. We headed off,. We past the Red Cow Inn. Great memories came out of there. When I was friends with Alan and Noel from Whitehall College, We had a Christmas Night out. On the way back, I had asked Noel if he lived in “there” which turned out to be a Museum. The laugh we got. hahaha. So then onwards we went. Never realised the amount of car dealers out that way.  Apparently there’s such a town known as Kill. heehe.

So I met Keith in Newbridge. We headed to Eddie Rockets. Great memeories were arisen. My main purpose of the visit was to get pressies for Ailish, Mom and Brendan O’ F. Twas wonderful. hahaah

Then we headed to see Chappie(Review here). He was very indecisive of seeing a film let alone Chappie. We eventually went to it. We had a dessert in Brambles. etc.,

Then I headed home. As I was waiting at the bus stop, my soar throat came back to haunt me.


2 thoughts on “Diary 11th March 2015

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