Diary 13th March 2015

Dreaming of Maureen dead. Then when I woke up to take a leak I realised she wasn’t. If she hadn’t bullied my sis the way she did I wudnt b dreaming of such. Or even hesitant in meeting her.

Went to meet Andrea. I had a few errands to do first. To get Present Bag and Wrapping Paper for Alilish’ n Mom’s Mother Day pressies. Changed my €2 scratch card that my mate Barry gave me for Christmas. I  then headed onto Outhouse where I learned valuable advice on how to deal with homophobic abuse by verbals means. One word for yeee all, Smile and obviously silence. As I said in my previous post, Haters Hate Silence. Take your abuse as a COMPLIMENT. Then met Andrea for to see Chappie(Review here)


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