Diary 15th March 2015

Celebtrating Mother’s Day. Mom collected me and my sis. We then headeded to takeout DiLucias. and Noodle King(aka Top Rice). Afterwards we bumped into Eileen, Fina, Michael and Silvia, Ailish and Noel. eheheh. Great to see em all. We then continued with all the celebrating. I told em of the film I saw yesterday, Fiddler on the Roof. Dad was there singing some of the songs. Mom including. Aww it was heaven. It was unfortunate thou that my sis was feeling unwell. I headed to her place. We discussed for a few minutes relating to Facebook revelations etc., etc., I assumed that its Computer Software that is stating whether Photos are pornographic or not. They are NOT one human dealing with such. It was unfortunate thou, that I left my keys in Mom’s car. I was looking for em for a few mins, then, I rang them Dad left me home. Then shortly before I left the car, I started to look for the menu, which I later realsied I had left my cell phone too. hmmmm


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