Diary 17th March 2015

Got up early enough with a view of watching yesterday’s News. Mom rang me to know what I was up to. I said I’d be heading to my sis. However she told me she was still in the hospital. I understood she was going home. So Mom collected me and we both headed in to visit her.  We chatted for a bit.

Mom brought me to a restaurant. On the way, Got meself Vegan Butter. Then to the restaurant known as The Food Room(Review here).

Then onto their place. Mom and Dad’s I mean. eheheh. I asked Dad about the Govt’s new initiative about Health Insurance. ie Universal Health Insurance. The Govt is trying to bring down the Public numbers and get onto the Private market. As during the economic crash, Alot of people went off the Health Insurance(Private). So the new initiative is if your 35yrs + AFTER 30th April, if you apply for the FIRST time, you will be charge 2% per annum, extra. Something like that.


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