Very emotive film. During the seen when Nathan(Butterfield), poured his heart out to his Mom, when his Mom(Hawkins) was wondering why he couldn’t’ connect with her and could connect with his pa. His pa had died at the beginning. Nathan had been diagnosed with Autism of some form. I felt for him. Really did. Then throughout it should another mate of his who has some form of the autism perhaps the same, but of self harm. So that got to me too. Overall a wonderful film, but VERY powerful. The plot was simple, but VERY complex. I’ll explain, The plot being a childhood math prodigy goes to compete in IMO(International Mathematics Olympiad). He meets a Chinese girl on the way. We were all left wondering WHO won the competition was it China, UK(where Nathan’s from), Australia etc., etc., Thats the only shame. But like I said of a different. You have to be VERY well mentally well in my opinion.



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