Diary 24th March 2015

While doing the recording, as I do on my PVT(Pinnacle Video Transfer), my recording NEVER recorded. So I tried recording on the USB that came with HP Lappy in Dec, but that didn’t work. So I had to transfer ITS contents and format as FAT32, to try and get it to work. It did work. However I spent over an hr almost looking for the WHITE USB I bought last year sometime. Couldn’t’ find it.

So I continued with my Facebook as per normal. Then when I started doing the films, I continued my cleanup. Despite the fact that I was doing the cleanup for a brief period at the beginning although it was a quickie, I couldn’t find it. But when I started doing the cleanup big time ie ACTUALLY throwing stuff out, low and behold I came across my USB that I had purchased recently. I’m Β over the moon.


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