Diary 25th March 2015

When I got up, I did a few selfies of myself, I got ready to head to get my dosh, and what I saw, was not expecting. The shit from the shore was coming up again. So I contacted my landlord, and left him a voicemail. Then afterwards, I headed to get my doshh.

Came back to head to my sis. Before I headed, it was slightly high the shit, I mean, was slightly higher. So I contacted him again. I headed to tescos to get my sis some tobacco. And while looking around, I encountered some vegan products. I was well chuffed.

So I headed off to me sis. We chatted and saw Big Hero 6(Review here). I was amazed by how my sis was able to tell that Professor Callaghan was behind the mask. I amongst others thought it was Crane.

FlightRadar 24. Saw this on one of my current affairs program relating to German Wings Air crash.

While trying to check into my Inflatables Puppys Land, I couldn’t find it. Cause Facebook says it was uncategorised incorrectly. So they took it donw. I republished it. so I tried again. Well have to wait til next time. haha


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