Diary 20th April 2015

Today was a day to be never forgotten.

We started with brekkie. After a night of diarrhea. I didn’t sleep too well. Yet I got up tirelessly thou. So my sis and I were first(first timers ahahah), then afterwards we all met together. We then had our brekkie.

I wanted to see Waterford Crystal to see what it looks like. So Dad popped along with me to join up with me. heeheheh. We did the tour. Wow, I was just blown by my mind. heheheh.

Afterall walking I’ve done for the 1st day, yesterday, and today with the tour and then  walking around. etc., I along with my sis, headed to Swimming. We just did the Jacuzzi, the Steam Room and the Sauna Room.

We afterwards headed to Centra then onto Pennys. We met up with Mom n Dad. We had Burger King meals. Beautiful, might I add.

We then headed into a church to see its beautiful decor inside. The last time, I was in a church was for my Uncle’s Funeral last March ’13.

Afterwards, I walked around before retiring to bed. I headed to the gay bar Dignity towards the beautiful sunset, to see what it looks like. I knew it had closed down. But to see it demolished thou. Yeah I was not prepared to that.


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